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Lynch shocked but not surprised that pre-Brexit budget delivers nothing for Fermanagh.

Published: 30 October, 2018

Seán Lynch MLA has said that he is shocked but not surprised that the last budget before Brexit delivers nothing for Fermanagh.

Mr Lynch said,

"In the British Chancellor's last budget before Brexit, you would think he may have acknowledged the calamity that is just around the corner for the north of Ireland and especially for people, communities and businesses around the border areas.

"Although far less than was expected, monies going to Belfast are welcome. However, for him to completely ignore Brexit and the potential damage it may do to border areas like Fermanagh is shocking.

"Shocking, but sadly not surprising.

"This community is well used to being ignored by those in Westminster. I am, however, surprised by the DUP claiming how they got a great deal for the north.

"This is not a good deal or anything near it.

"Austerity and cuts to our already struggling public services are set to continue. To keep up with inflation, we needed to see a 3% increase in our resource budget - that is just to maintain already seriously underfunded services; money needed to tackle the financial crisis in our education system and to increase the wages of our teachers, public servants and frontline workers.

"We needed to see a 6% increase just to maintain our current health service, never mind improve it.

"Of course, health and education must always be our priorities.

"This money will need to be used, again, to attempt to plug underfunding in these vital services which have been suffering from successive cuts to the block grant. There will be little if any money left to trickle down to areas like Fermanagh to tackle other needs, including preparing for the potential impacts of Brexit.

"The leader of the DUP hails from Fermanagh. If she were in touch with her community, I would have thought that border counties like her own may have gotten some attention. It raises the question of who is actually talking for and leading the DUP." - Ends/Críoch