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Attempts to amend definition of victim is effrt to scupper legacy process - Doherty

Published: 11 October, 2018

Attempts by the DUP to amend the definition of a victim and introduce an amnesty for British State forces is an effort to scupper the entire legacy process, Sinn Féin Erne West Councillor, Barry Doherty, has said.

Councillor Doherty was commenting following calls by the DUP for the British Government to bring forward a new definition of a victim. The party's MP Jeffrey Donaldson also revealed that they expect the Westminster government to produce new proposals to prevent current and former members of British state forces from being pursued for crimes committed during the conflict.

Councillor Doherty commented:

"Since 2006 there has been a legal definition of a victim. Getting to that point was not easy but it was settled and should remain so. The DUP, in acting as they have, are looking to rewrite this and in effect scupper the entire legacy process.

"This is a recurring theme in DUP actions, given their recent declaration that the GFA agreement itself was not set in stone. They seem to believe all can be rewritten to fit their narrative.

"Everyone should be equal under the law and there can be no immunity or impunity for British forces guilty of crime, collusion and murder in Ireland.

"To introduce any so called statute of limitation to prevent the prosecution of British state actors will undermine the proposed new legacy mechanisms agreed at Stormont House.

"In looking to rewrite definitions and introduce immunity and impunity, the DUP frustrate and insult victims' families, many who have been waiting years for truth and justice. It appears that the DUP would seek to absolve anyone of accountability; thereby failing everyone.

"The British Government has shown little appetite for reigning in the DUP. Were they to capitulate in this instance to DUP demands, then surely the toxic nature of their pact with the DUP will be there for all to see." - ENDS/CRÍOCH