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Dolan welcomes European Conservation Funds

Published: 12 December, 2017

Sinn Féin has welcomed confirmation of a new 5-year European-funded conversation project but warned that such schemes remain under threat by Brexit.

Speaking after it was confirmed that the scheme would start in January, Jemma Dolan MLA said,

"The Cooperation Across Borders for Biodiversity conservation project will see work carried out on three protected areas in the north. The Garron Plateau and Montiaghs Moss in County Antrim and the Pettigo Plateau here in Fermanagh which extends into Donegal.

"Habitat loss is one of the major threats to many of our native and migratory species. This project is planning to bring about the recovery of protected habitats and priority species, such as hen harriers and red grouse, at specific key sites.

"This conservation project would not be possible without the funding provided by the European Union which is supplying more than £4 million.

"I welcome the funding and support provided by the European Union and wish the lead partners in the project, the RSPB, the best of luck moving forward.

"As with many different aspects of life, it is sensible to take an all-island approach when it comes to our environment. We have several examples of the great environmental and conservation work being carried out between our county and neighbouring counties.

"It is essential that our environment is continuously protected and it is just another example of the recklessness of Brexit when positive schemes such as these will be jeopardised as a result of that agenda." - Ends/Críoch