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Consultations on prospecting should take more cognisance of rural communities and indigenous industries - Feely

Published: 8 November, 2017

Sinn Féin Councillor, John Feely, has welcomed the Council's agreement to oppose diamond prospecting in the area and to call for an immediate moratorium across the North on assessment of all mineral prospecting rights.

Speaking following the Committee meeting, Councillor Feely said,

"I am pleased that FODC's Environmental Services Committee have tonight agreed to formally oppose the Karelian Diamond Resources' application for mineral prospecting rights.

"Our response calls for a strategic assessment into the way that consultations for mineral prospecting licences are carried out across the North.

"In order to do this, the Committee has called on the Department for the Economy to issue an immediate moratorium on assessing all such mineral prospecting rights.

"This is a strong and welcome statement for our Council to make, particularly since tourism and agriculture are so important to this area.

"It often appears that the short term boom and bust economics of oil, gas, and mineral prospecting are favoured at the expense of the long term benefits of our natural resources, tourism and agri-sectors.

"These consultations often appear to be too strongly weighted for corporate prospecting outfits. They should take more cognisance of local communities and indigenous industries.

"The Department of the Economy must take these views on board." - Ends/Críoch