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Shared Future Needs Agreement and Respect - Dolan

Published: 13 February, 2017

Sinn Féin Assembly candidate Jemma Dolan has called on the electorate to use their vote in a progressive, meaningful, and positive manner. The constituency's youngest candidate was speaking to youth party activists in Irvinestown prior to canvassing alongside Matt Carthy MEP.

Ms. Dolan said:

"This election is about all our futures. My generation is tired of some politicians who want to drag us back to the past. There can be no more of the narrow-mindedness or continued childishness that we have seen from some political parties.

"Every citizen is equal and we need to ensure respect for all. Demonizing a language or other such bigotry is not how our society and our respective traditions can move forward. People I meet on the campaign are telling me that some of these supposedly 'senior' DUP figures need to grow up.

"Sinn Féin and myself are very clear on this matter. Republicans, nationalists, women and ethnic minorities will not be treated as second-class citizens. Agreements of the past must be honoured, both in spirit and in deed.

"That is why I am calling on the electorate, especially young voters, to come out and use their vote in a positive manner to vote for a shared future for us all. That shared future will only be built through agreement and respect. ENDS