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Young people determined to have voices heard in this election - Dolan

Published: 25 January, 2017

Fermanagh South Tyrone Sinn Féin Assembly candidate, Jemma Dolan, is calling on people to ensure that they are registered to vote in the upcoming assembly election.

Speaking from Belleek, Miss Dolan said:

"I am calling on all voters, but especially first time voters to get themselves on to the electoral register.

"I know from speaking to young people, in particular, that they are determined to have their voices heard in this election.

"It is our future. We deserve to have a say in it. If there are issues that are important to you I would urge you to come out and vote for a party that is actively working to deal with those issues.

"If people, such as students, are not going to be at home on polling day or unable to cast their vote for other reasons then they should apply for a postal or proxy vote.

"Over 3,000 people from across Fermanagh South Tyrone were removed from the register in December. Many people will not even realise that they have been removed.

"I would really encourage everybody to make sure they are registered to vote. This is a decisive election. The right to vote is a privilege and we shouldn't take it for granted." - Ends/Críoch