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Councillor Coyle raises issues with Transport NI

Published: 10 January, 2017

Sinn Féin Councillor for Enniskillen, Debbie Coyle, has raised issues brought to her by residents in the town during a meeting with Transport NI this week.

Speaking following the meeting, Councillor Coyle said:

"Many residents across Enniskillen have raised concerns on issues such as traffic volume on the Cornagrade Road, street lighting, and path and road condition within estates as well as the town itself.

"Potholes were also raised as an issue by several people and these can be a particular danger to cyclists in and around the town.

"On Monday I was able to bring these issues up with Transport NI during a meeting and add my weight to having them resolved.

"Transport NI responded to all of the issues which I raised and advised that some can be dealt with earlier than others.

"There are some problems, such as those raised relating to the Cornagrade Road, which has an ongoing traffic issue making it difficult for residents to get into and out of their estates, that need to be worked on further.

"I am pleased that the community associations in that area are also raising this issue with Transport NI.

"Matters raised regarding the town itself will be addressed through the 'Public Realm Scheme'.

"As a community activist myself, I know that it can be very frustrating waiting for roads and paths to be fixed. However, I would encourage the community to continue to raise these issues either individually or via their community groups so that they can feed back to Transport NI.

"I would call on the community to also contact myself and other councillors. It is very important that concerns are continually raised until works have been completed." - Ends/Críoch