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Withdrawal of funding for Líofa programme disgrace - Maguire

Published: 6 January, 2017

Sinn Féin Councillor and Irish Language activist, Tommy Maguire, says Líofa funding withdrawal shows a lack of respect for the Irish language.

Speaking from Enniskillen, Councillor Maguire said:

"I view the withdrawal of funding for Líofa bursaries as a retrograde step in the efforts to build a culturally diverse society which respects equally the wealth of our shared history.

"The withdrawal of this £50,000 funding from one Irish language group is a disgraceful decision and shows a complete lack of respect for the language.

"When we see that the same Minister for Communities recently made £200,000 funding available for marching bands, we have to recognise that this is an obvious snub to the Irish speaking community.

"This is a worrying trend and is far from the spirit of the Good Friday Agreement." - Ends/Críoch