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Lynch expresses concern at changes to car parking at SWAH

Published: 17 October, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA for Fermanagh and South Tyrone, Seán Lynch has expressed concern at proposed changes to car parking at SWAH.

Mr Lynch said:

"Several constituents have contacted my office in Lisnaskea concerned with parking changes at the hospital. These constituents are staff, including Unison members, patients and visitors.

"The concerns they raise, and that I share, are two-fold. Firstly, that there is to be an increase in car parking charges from 70p - 80p per hour. I question the justification for this - a rise of almost 15%.

"My second concern relates to the news that a private company is to be employed by the WHSCT to enforce parking fines and tow illegally parked cars.

"I have been made aware by a number of my constituents who are staff at the hospital that they often have to drive around for more than quarter of an hour trying to find spaces and, as a consequence, at times feel forced to park illegally.

"It appears that these parking issues are arising as there are too few parking spaces coupled with a system of paid and unpaid parking. I question why we are charging people to park at all. If a staff member has to pay 80p an hour for an eight-hour shift that's £6.40 they have to try to find that they may not have.

"At a time when we appear to be struggling to attract staff to the hospital, we should be providing reasons for them to come not stay away.

"We should not be charging patients or our valued staff for car parking in hospitals.

"I have contacted the WHSCT management and asked them to review these decisions and not to be placing the burden of inadequate parking provision on to staff and hospital users. I will continue to work to ensure that these decisions are reversed." - Ends/Críoch