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Feely reacts to Bank of Ireland decision ignoring 7,500 strong petition

Published: 14 October, 2016

Councillor John Feely has reacted to Bank of Ireland's snub to seven and half thousand people who signed the petition opposing their decision to close the Belleek Branch.

Mr Feely said:

"I am deeply frustrated by Bank of Ireland's unwillingness to listen to the concerns of the community of Belleek, and the wider area, that this closure affects.

"The question, once again, has to asked why Bank of Ireland are closing a profitable branch like Belleek.

"There is something wrong with society when a bank can say that the profits they are making aren't high enough and, that instead of trying to increase the profits, the easy option is to close the branch.

"The organisers of the protest have to be thanked for all the effort they put into it. Unfortunately, it seems like Bank of Ireland are going to ignore the voices of seven and a half thousand people who signed the petition to keep the branch open.

"The letter that was received by Belleek Chamber of Commerce appears to be a cut and paste copy of one the Council received at the end of September.

"Since Bank of Ireland announced that they were closing the Belleek branch back in July they claimed that they were listening to stakeholders. This appears to be abundantly untrue." - Críoch/Ends