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Proposals from Tories targeting EU workers racist and disgraceful - Lynch

Published: 8 October, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA Seán Lynch said recent proposals from the British Home Secretary Amber Rudd targeting EU workers are racist and disgraceful.

The Party's Equality Spokesperson said:

"The British Home Secretary's proposals on monitoring the numbers of EU citizens in the workplace is a disgraceful attempt by the Tories to steal UKIP's racist clothes.

"This is an attack on people who make an invaluable contribution to our society on a daily basis.

"Many of these workers have lived in and played a full and active part in communities all over the north over many years.

"These reactionary proposals are about creating fear among EU workers and their families and division among workers and communities.

"These proposals also beg the question whether these Tory proposals target Irish passport holders in the north or the thousands of workers who cross the border daily.

"This would be in direct contravention of the Good Friday Agreement, which guarantees Irish citizenship for people in the north.

"The people of the North voted resoundingly to remain on June 23 and Sinn Féin will continue to campaign for that mandate to be respected." Ends/Críoch