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Lynch welcomes development of strategic plan for greenways

Published: 31 July, 2016

Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA Seán Lynch has welcomed the development of a strategic plan for greenways for walking and cycling in the constituency.

Mr Lynch said:

"I welcome the news from the Infrastructure Minister, Chris Hazzard, that his Department is currently developing a strategic plan for greenways which will be published later this year.

"The plan will provide a framework that will help our local council to develop their own greenway scheme.

"My party colleague has also advised that his Department is continuing to deliver the competitive small grants programme for greenways which can provide councils with access to funding to help them draw up feasibility studies and scheme designs.

"I am delighted to hear that this plan is being developed and that there are opportunities being provided to our councils to help them to progress plans for greenways.

"Greenways can be used for both walking and cycling and can provide wonderful health benefits to our community, particularly in urban areas.

"We have such a beautiful environment here in Fermanagh South Tyrone which we can sometimes take for granted. These greenways would not only be beneficial to the health of our community, but would also enhance the tourism offering in the constituency.

"As well as that, greenways by their very nature comprise green space. One reason this is important is when we think about the future of our drainage systems and flood prevention. Green spaces hold water from rainfall and effectively slow it down as opposed to hard standing, particularly in urban areas, which speed up water reaching the system and contributes towards more flash flooding episodes.

"I look forward to the publication of this plan and will continue to work along with my party colleagues to bring the plan forward so that these numerous benefits can be realised."