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Lynch encourages businesses to attend funding workshops

Published: 29 July, 2016

Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA Seán Lynch has called on businesses and business owners to get prepared for the Rural Business Investment Scheme by attending one of the mandatory funding workshops which are taking place next week.

Mr Lynch said:

"The Fermanagh and Omagh Local Action Group (LAG) are hosting two mandatory funding workshops, one in Enniskillen and one in Omagh, next week for those considering applying for funding for technical assistance under the scheme.

"Technical assistance can include marketing support, technical support, or bespoke training under the Rural Business Investment Scheme themes of 'Growth', 'Innovation', and 'Tourism'.

"I would call on rural businesses and business owners to attend one of these workshops which are a mandatory requirement for all those who will be going on to apply for funding for technical assistance.

"If you are unsure whether you will be seeking funding or not, I would encourage you to go along so that you have the option of applying when the time comes."

Workshops will take place as follows:

Fermanagh Lakeland Forum, Enniskillen - Tuesday 2nd August at 7pm

Strule Arts Centre, Omagh - Thursday 4th August at 7pm.