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Roads of Fermanagh South Tyrone have been neglected for too long- Cllr John Feely

Published: 1 May, 2016

Cllr John Feely, Sinn Féin Assembly candidate for Fermanagh South Tyrone, is calling for action to be taken to tackle roads issues within the constituency.

Cllr Feely said,

"The roads of Fermanagh South Tyrone have been neglected for too long now and it is the main issue we are hearing on the doors. When we take into consideration that we have more road surface than anywhere else in the North, as well as having to travel further distances to connect us with vital services, schools, and the main economic centres, it is simply unacceptable that we are not being allocated a greater proportion of the budget for roads.

"The extension of the dual carriageway from Ballygawley to Enniskillen needs to happen. This would have enormous benefits for the people of Fermanagh South Tyrone. It would curtail rural depopulation and people who work further afield would not have to move away if there was an adequate road network in place that could enable them to commute.

"This dual carriageway would help us to grow our local businesses and help them compete and access markets more efficiently. The knock-on effects of this would mean more jobs at home and more money coming in to our local economy which will support other local businesses, making our community more prosperous and providing much needed jobs.

"I would also call on the Department for Regional Development, who are responsible for roads, to future-proof the roads network. As new roads are being built I would call on the department to ensure that there is joined up thinking and trunking is laid for fibre-optic telecommunications as well as working with statutory bodies like NI Water, NI Power and Gas network providers to ensure that roads can be built in conjunction with the provision of other services rather than being dug up again to provide them in the future. This will undoubtedly save us money in the long run.

"The main road between Enniskillen and Omagh is also in dire need of an upgrade. This is a link to vital services such as the South West Acute Hospital as well as a major link between two of our main towns between which goods, services and people are transported in huge numbers daily.

"There are several more roads in our constituency which need attention. In fact, there is hardly a road that doesn't need work to some degree and some of them are now a risk to people travelling on them.

"I hope to be elected to the Assembly on the 5th May and I, along with my party colleagues will be lobbying for better budgetary provision as well as calling for new road schemes and a bigger proportion of the budget for Fermanagh South Tyrone, a predominately rural constituency, to ensure that our communities can thrive with accessible links locally, regionally and nationally. -Ends/Críoch