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Fracking Will Not Happen on my watch - Flanagan

Published: 3 May, 2016

Sinn Féin Assembly Candidate Phil Flanagan has responded to claims that Tamboran have purchased an unused quarry near Belcoo.

Speaking from the site of the quarry, Mr Flanagan, who has been a committed anti-fracking campaigner since 2012, said:

"Sinn Féin has been abundantly clear in our position on fracking.

"We have committed to blocking fracking at the Executive if an application ever comes forward.

"In fact, I have also committed to introducing legislation to ban fracking if I am re-elected this Thursday.

"Tamboran are wasting their time if this is the route they are planning on going as Sinn Féin will not allow fracking to take place.

"At present, they are in the courts trying to overturn two separate decisions of two Executive Ministers.

"It is high-time that Tamboran acknowledged and respected the wishes of the people of this area, and their elected representatives, and stopped trying to force fracking onto a community that remains resolutely opposed to it.

"In order to ensure that fracking does not take place in this county, I am asking people to support me and my fellow Sinn Féin candidates in the Assembly election on Thursday. I will ensure that fracking will not happen on my watch.

"If elected, I will use my mandate to introduce a ban on fracking and a strong Sinn Féin team will continue to block fracking at the Executive."