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Healthcare is a priority for Sinn Féin Assembly team

Published: 2 May, 2016

Sinn Féin's Seán Lynch has hit out at the growing incidence of surgical cancellations for patients travelling outside of Fermanagh South Tyrone.

Speaking from Lisnaskea, Mr Lynch said,

"This week alone three people have contacted me regarding the cancellation of operations in Belfast with little or no prior warning.

"One gentleman actually reached the hospital in Belfast only to be told that the operation was cancelled.

"One other had their operation cancelled on the morning it was to take place and another just a few days before.

"Not only is this unacceptable in terms of preparing to travel all the way to Belfast and also having to go through preparation such as diet control, but the huge disappointment then that the patient has to endure when they hear the operation is cancelled.

"None of these patients have been given any reason for the cancellation and none have been given a new date for surgery and it really is unbelievable that this is happening in our society.

"The healthcare provision, particularly here in Fermanagh South Tyrone, is completely unacceptable and I, along with my party colleagues will be championing a more holistic approach to providing the care that is needed.

"Using our location and working alongside health trusts in neighbouring counties we could be cutting waiting times, actually securing services here, and ensuring that our sick people are not having to travel all the way to Belfast or Derry to have surgery in the first place.

"Healthcare is a priority and a strong Fermanagh South Tyrone Sinn Féin team in the next Assembly will ensure that we secure services much closer to home." - Ends/Críoch