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Lynch congratulates DARD Minister on delivering £269 million to Fermanagh South Tyrone

Published: 8 March, 2016

Seán Lynch MLA has congratulated Sinn Féin Minister for Agriculture and Rural Development, Michelle O'Neill, on delivering over £269 million in funding to Fermanagh South Tyrone.

Mr Lynch was speaking after receiving a breakdown of spending from DARD in the constituency since 2010.

He said:

"The funding which my party colleague, Michelle O'Neill, has delivered to Fermanagh South Tyrone is to be congratulated.

"The last five years have been tough, especially to a rural constituency like ours and we have been faced with more and more severe cuts coming from the Tory government over this time.

"The Minister, along with myself and our party colleagues, have fought hard to ensure that our rural communities have had a strong voice.

"Minister O'Neill has represented our farming and rural communities in Europe to ensure that investment could be obtained and maintained.

"Just recently Minister O'Neill was in Enniskillen opening the new Forest Service Headquarters. This shows the continued commitment of Sinn Féin to decentralise government departments and to invest in our rural economy.

"We can clearly see the benefit of Ms O'Neill's hard work and it is my hope that this work is continued in the future." - Ends/Críoch