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Our Society North & South is better together with the EU

Published: 3 March, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA Seán Lynch has said that the Island of Ireland, in particular border areas, has benefited hugely from European Union membership and European funding and we should remain within the EU.

Mr Lynch continued by stating that:

"These border areas have benefited from finances that otherwise would never have been made available to them, through infrastructure projects designed to boost the economy via the Peace and structural funding programmes.

"Speaking to local people, the majority of individuals place great value on our membership with the EU and cannot understand why anyone would wish to jeopardise that, particularly Theresa Villiers who see's first-hand the advantages and benefits of EU membership for Northern residents.

"However, what is does highlight is how closed off the British Government are to the thoughts and opinions of residents here in the North. The farming community, the agri-food industry and the community & voluntary sector have all come out publicly and supported our membership with the EU and its benefits.

"The business community too have serious concerns about any exit from the EU and the fact that a survey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce in the North has shown that an overwhelming majority of its members, 81 per cent, wish to remain in the EU is a clear indication of the value of our continued membership to business.

"The EU has aided in the stabilisation of our society and has helped with the progress made in the peace and political processes over the last twenty years. This is support that we need for the next twenty years and for a long time thereafter.

"It must be made very clear, that the future of our country and all its citizens, both North and South, is within the European Union and Sinn Féin will campaign and lobby to ensure that remains the case." - Ends/Críoch