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Councillor Coyle welcomes extension of oil buying club across Enniskillen

Published: 26 February, 2016

Sinn Féin Councillor Debbie Coyle has welcomed Bryson Energy agreement to extend the Crannog Oil Buying Club right across Enniskillen.

Councillor Coyle said:

"Enniskillen's only community oil buying club, based at 'The Leaf Centre' in Cavanaleck, was originally set up for the residents of the Cavanaleck and Chanterhill area, and now has over 100 members from these estates and the surrounding areas. The scheme is financed by NIHE and run by Bryson Energy.

"To date we have ordered over 35,700 litres of oil and that number is growing. This month our members are paying a mere 22p a litre for home heating oil."

Following a meeting with representatives from the community and Bryson Energy, Councillor Coyle said:

"I am delighted to confirm that residents from right across Enniskillen can now become members of the Crannog Oil Club. This is fantastic news and I would encourage people to contact myself, their own Community/Resident's Associations, or Bryson Energy to apply or for more information.

"As an oil club member households can make fantastic savings and make heating their homes more affordable. This oil buying scheme is open to everyone whether in social housing, private rental accommodation or to owner-occupiers.

"This initiative is bringing people together from across Enniskillen into one 'club' and, from this, I would like to see some kind of Community Forum so that representatives from all areas of Enniskillen can come together to discuss and share the issues that are affecting us here in the town.

"There are already inter-agency meetings, community police liaison meetings, and now our oil club bringing some areas together, but I would hope that we can now build on that and work together to encourage the people living in Enniskillen to have their say on what they would like to see in our town. Together we can be a stronger voice for our Enniskillen."

More information on how the scheme works can be found on Bryson Energy's website at: http://brysonenergy.org/projects-and-partnerships/140-oil-buying-club-scheme.html