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Lynch highlights danger of potholes to DRD Minister

Published: 28 February, 2016

Seán Lynch MLA highlighted the danger of potholes to DRD Minister, Michelle McIlveen in Question Time this week.

The matter arose after Ms McIlveen responded to questions regarding her department's roads maintenance budget and the nature of pothole repair.

Speaking in the assembly, Mr Lynch said

"To continue on the theme of potholes, I came across one yesterday which had completely wrecked a car.

Mr Lynch explained:

"Having been contacted by a number of concerned constituents, I was out looking at the condition of local roads in Erne East.

"One of the reported potholes, on the Royal Oak Road between Donagh and Lisnaskea, resulted in one of my constituents leaving the road in his vehicle and striking a tree. His car was written off in the incident and he was very lucky to escape with minor injuries.

"I welcome roads maintenance works and additional funding that has been rolled out in recent weeks and I have contacted Transport NI who have given me an undertaking that the pothole will be repaired this week.

"I would call on members of the public to contact Transport NI to alert their attention to any roads that require repair. Many of these issues can be reported online.

"It is important to maintain our roadways to the highest standard possible in order to improve road safety and I, along with my Sinn Féin party colleagues, will continue to lobby for additional funding for our constituency to ensure that we can have a decent roads infrastructure."

Problems with roads can be reported online via the following link: http://www.nidirect.gov.uk/problems-with-your-roads-and-streets