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Seán Lynch MLA criticises SDLP Minister for lack of detail on road safety budget

Published: 27 February, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA, Seán Lynch, has condemned further cuts to road safety budget and expressed disappointment that current Minister responsible cannot give details of the amount of funding available in the coming year.

Mr Lynch was speaking following response to a question he had asked the Environment Minister, Mark H Durkan, regarding the funding allocation for road safety for the coming financial year.

He said:

"The Minister has indicated that there will be 5.7% budget cuts to current DOE functions in the coming financial year and that an undisclosed amount of funding has been earmarked for road safety campaigns.

"It is disappointing that he cannot give full details of the amount of funding that will be available for this hugely important requirement.

"Whilst I understand that following restructuring of ministerial departments, responsibility for road safety will fall under the new Department for Infrastructure, I would have thought that Mr Durkan might have had more detail and input into the budget.

"Road fatalities for 2016 to date have increased, with five more deaths this year than at this stage last year.

"Just two months in to the year and a life has already been lost on our roads in Fermanagh.

"The Tory party, who have no mandate in the north of Ireland, are imposing these brutal cuts on our society and it appears that the Minister is just accepting whatever he is told by London.

"My Sinn Féin party colleagues and I will continue to stand against these cuts and will continue to lobby for additional funding to be provided."