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DARD continues to deliver for the local and rural community

Published: 5 February, 2016

Mr. Lynch stated that "The Executive's decision to spend an additional £1.3 million on flood prevention measures is a very welcome one. "Having visited many of the affected homes in Fermanagh and seen first-hand the challenges these families were faced with, it is exceptionally important that further preventative measures are put in place in preparation for incidents of flooding in the future. Mr. Lynch further went on to discuss the advances that the Minister O'Neill and her department had made with regard to the Rural Development Programme. Mr Lynch said: "The £623 million Rural Development Programme benefits farming and food sectors, rural communities and businesses and the environment, which will help drive economic and social development in rural areas like Fermanagh. "Four million pounds has been ring fenced to cover the cost of projects funded through the all-Ireland cooperation scheme, encouraging greater co-operation between Local Action Groups (LAGs) north and south. Mr. Lynch further explained that "Not only is Minister O'Neill working with all Departments in the Executive to ensure that they deliver for the local community but making good on her promise to enhance and further promote the agricultural sector across the whole island."