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A British exit from the EU would have serious implications - Lynch

Published: 21 January, 2016

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch has spoken of the shocking impact a BREXIT (British exit of the European Union) would have on border and rural counties, such as Fermanagh.

Speaking this week, Mr Lynch said,

"British Prime Minister David Cameron is calling for a referendum to decide if Britain should remain as part of the European Union, as early as June of this year.

"Leaving the European Union would cost the northern economy £1 billion a year. The knock-on impact in terms of the agri-food sector, in relation to CAP, the all-island economy, in relation to cross border trade and the community sector in relation to funding streams such as INTERREG and PEACE, are unquestionably significant.

"If it wasn't for EU funding, projects such as the Workspace Developments in Kinawley and Roslea would not have been possible, nor would the delivery of broadband internet access using fixed wireless technology, across the county.

The Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA continues,

"A British exit from the EU would also have severe social impacts; would a European border running between Rosela and Clones, or Belcoo and Blacklion really be practical? Could those who live in Belleek but work in Ballyshannon really endure having to go through passport and customs check every day?

"David Cameron has not taken the north into consideration at all, but MEP for the six counties Martina Anderson has been working tirelessly to ensure our voices are heard and the case of the north is top of the agenda.

"Although Sinn Féin recognizes that the EU is not perfect, and it requires radical reforms, we believe our place is in the EU. It's a complex issue and a vote at a referendum must be informed. Therefore, if you want to ensure your vote is informed, Martina Anderson is hosting a conference in the Balmoral Hotel, Belfast on Friday January 29th, which promises to inform citizens of the north and therefore attendance is recommended." ENDS