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DARD Minister Michelle O'Neill to launch Property Protection Scheme in coming days

Published: 12 January, 2016

Minister O'Neill said; "Yes. For the last number of years, I have been designing, and working with Rivers Agency officials on, the individual property protection scheme. We had already planned to launch the scheme this Wednesday; it just so happens that it coincided with the latest flooding incident that people are experiencing, particularly in Fermanagh. "The scheme will be an opportunity for individual householders who want to help themselves to make physical changes to their property. It is actually a very generous scheme as it will provide up to 90% grant aid, up to a cap of £10,000. Where there is no engineering solution and no affordable protection scheme for property, it will allow us to help people to make their properties more flood-resilient in their own right. "I will officially launch the scheme on Wednesday and get the detail out there. It will be very much welcome where there is no central scheme from Rivers Agency to help people. As I said, this is quite generous in terms of the grant aid, and it will allow people to help and protect their properties, where that is possible." Sean Lynch took the opportunity during the Ministers Question time to thank Minister O'Neill "for taking the time to travel down to Fermanagh and visit the homes and families of individuals that had been severely affected by the flooding in the county, for upwards of five weeks, some of whom still face problems as they slowly await the receding of the water. Mr Lynch continued by saying: "The Ministers Individual Property Protection Scheme is a very welcome initiative to many people, particularly in Fermanagh, but across the rest of the six counties also. The Initiative will offer a glimmer of hope to some individuals badly affected by the flooding and we look forward to the official launch of this initiative by the Minister in the coming days"