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Lynch calls for caution during flooding

Published: 10 December, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch has called on people to be extra careful as more heavy rain is forecast for Fermanagh.

Mr Lynch said,

"I would appeal to people, especially motorists, to be careful when travelling as more heavy rain is forecast for Fermanagh.

"This rain has the potential to cause more flooding or even cause landslides in hilly areas so it is essential we take the proper precautions.

"Motorists should ensure that their vehicle is in proper condition and that they have items like a waterproof coat, a fully charged mobile phone, flash lamp and other safety equipment with them when deciding to travel.

"I would also appeal to drivers never to attempt to drive through flooded roads but take the extra time to divert to an alternative route as water can immobilise your car leaving you stranded.

"People should also check on their elderly neighbours at this time as many may be stranded or afraid to leave their home during this inclement weather."