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Lynch praises emergency services for work during flooding

Published: 7 December, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Seán Lynch, who spent Saturday and Sunday in Lisnaskea during major flooding there said,

'What happened over a 24 hour period could only be described as a "major flooding incident". Throughout Saturday, during continuous heavy rainfall, the Fire & Rescue Service, Transport NI and the Rivers Agency battled against the elements to prevent houses being flooded in The Acres estate and Drumhaw Fold.

'Late on Saturday evening a special high volume pumping system, one of only three in the north of Ireland, was brought in to assist. However, although they were having success with this, a deluge in the early hours of Sunday morning meant that it could not prevent the flooding to a small number of houses.'

Mr Lynch, who spent much of Sunday morning visiting the affected properties, praised all the services for their efforts saying:

'The situation could have been much worse without the hard work of these agencies. This is some of the worst flooding people we have seen in 50 years.

'The Colebrooke River had burst its banks, farm properties were under water and communities close to Lough Erne were cut off. People from the Inishroosk area could only get in and out by tractor.

"While these latest flooding incidents have been unprecedented, I understand that the main issue is due to a culvert that is both partially collapsed and too small to accommodate the flow of water during and after heavy rain. This is something I had raised with Transport NI no later than last Friday afternoon who advised that the main road coming into town would have to be taken up in order to fix this major problem.

'I have sought a meeting with the Head of Transport NI in the area to ensure that this issue is rectified. The valuable works carried out at the weekend by the various agencies cost tens of thousands of pounds; more than it would have cost to fix the culvert. However, I wholeheartedly commend the Fire & Rescue Service, Transport NI and Rivers Agency for their good work.'