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Sinn Féin will take no lectures from the SDLP - Lynch

Published: 1 December, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA for Fermanagh South Tyrone Sean Lynch has called on the SDLP to bring forward their alternative to the Fresh Start agreement stating that to date there has been only empty criticism and no alternative presented as the SDLP try to find a position for themselves.

Sean Lynch, referring to comments in local press made by Richie McPhillips last week, said:

'The SDLP has opted to continue with its predictable negative approach, offering criticism but no alternatives.

Would the SDLP have collapsed the Assembly and just handed all the powers over welfare and public services including the introduction of water charges, prescription charges and increase fees for our students over to the Tories?

Sinn Féin secured over half a billion pounds in new money, and a commitment from the Executive of £585m for welfare mitigation, £75m for the A5, a major investment west of the Bann, and a level of harmonisation of taxes across this island.

To date those critics in the SDLP have failed provide any credible alternative or indeed provide a proposal for one penny more for the most vulnerable in our society, and indeed this is the same party which one year ago agreed welfare reform with no mitigations.

Sinn Féin will take no lectures from the SDLP on the economy.

Four months ago Sinn Féin were told by the then leader of the SDLP Alasdair McDonnell in negotiations that the SDLP would deliver its paper on prosperity within days.

We are still waiting.

This is what we get from the SDLP and Cllr Phillips who, by the way, clearly hasn't read the SDLP party manifesto which clearly calls for the devolution of corporation tax.'