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Lynch welcomes decision to retain Enniskillen Court House

Published: 23 November, 2015

Seán Lynch MLA is welcoming the NI Court and Tribunal Service decision to retain Enniskillen Court House.

Mr Lynch, who is a member of the Justice Committee, said
'I welcome the NICTS decision to retain Enniskillen Court House following consultation by the Department of Justice regarding proposals to close eight court houses in the North of Ireland. Having considered the view expressed during the consultation, the NICTS have modified the proposals and made the recommendation that Enniskillen Court House should be retained but designated as a Hearing Centre.

He continued
'This will be very welcome news for all the stakeholders that conducted an excellent campaign during the consultation process. The Department of Justice will come to the Justice Committee today (Thursday) to outline the summary of the consultation responses and proposed way forward.

Mr Lynch said
'The Department had proposed the closure of eight court houses in total. However, Enniskillen and Newtownards are the only facilities to get a reprieve.

He finished
'Department of Justice officials had taken on board the strong feeling of the legal fraternity, business people, Fermanagh District Council and other organisations like Women's Aid, that Enniskillen was serving a predominately rural community. They had also considered the extra cost of travelling from Fermanagh to Omagh (where Enniskillen Court Services were proposed to go in the consultation), the lack of public transportation, and that Fermanagh would end up the only county in the north without a court house; therefore diminishing access to justice.'

Mr Lynch will be raising with the officials, at today's meeting, what shape and form the new designated Hearing Centre will take.