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Lynch outlines impact a BREXIT would have on Fermanagh

Published: 12 November, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch has outlined the devastating implications a potential BREXIT would have on the north, but in particular, border counties such as Fermanagh.

The Fermanagh South Tyrone MLA said,

This is another example of policy by Westminster with total lack of regard for the North of Ireland. Clearly the implications of a British withdrawal from Europe for the North are well down the list of the Tory government's priorities.

A decision by the London government to leave the EU would have devastating consequences for the North and in particular border counties, especially Fermanagh which adjoins three other counties in the south.

We depend on our neighbouring counties for a huge amount of cross border trade which forms a massive part of the local economy. Our farming and fishing industries have benefitted hugely from our EU membership, particularly under the leadership of successive Sinn Féin agriculture ministers.

The North remains is a Net Recipient of EU funding. Such an exit would remove a very valuable stream of money entering the northern economy.

The All Ireland economy is very real, it needs to be enhanced rather than impeded. We could see import duties to the north, a detrimental impact on FDI, a lower standard of workers rights and it could affect export markets to Europe

An exit could mean that we have border controls introduced such as passport controls and customs stations. Such control would be outside of the Assembly's remit and any issues would be based at Westminster.

Sinn Féin have been very clear that that any such exit would be highly detrimental. We need to be breaking down the border on terms of trade and removing barriers especially to communities living along the border corridor

In the event of a British referendum on exiting the European Union it is essential that the North of Ireland is provided with its own referendum for maintaining membership.