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Lynch calls for vigilant driving

Published: 28 October, 2015

Seán Lynch MLA is calling on drivers to be more careful and considerate when coming through Lisnaskea, especially at school times following a number of incidents which have occurred whereby local crossing patrol operatives, have had a number of near misses.

Mr Lynch said

'The vast majority of drivers respect the children's crossing and realise that the crossing patrol operatives are doing a very valuable job in getting our children to school safely, but there are a small number of drivers that don't appear to realise the tragic consequences that their actions might have.

Mr Lynch continued

'It is imperative that, when our crossing patrol operatives are on duty, drivers do not pull out whilst the crossing is taking place. Recently, here in the town, we had an incident when one of our crossing patrol operatives was escorting children across the road and a driver pulled around another vehicle, which had stopped to allow the crossing, and clipped her with the wing mirror. Speaking to the operatives myself, they have told me that similar incidents are occurring now on a regular basis.

He added

'Following this latest incident the Principal of St Comhghall's, Gary Kelly, contacted the Education Authority and Transport NI to ask what measures, such as a crossing, they could put in place to prevent this from happening in the future. Transport NI have, in conjunction with the PSNI, visited the town and assessed the situation. Both bodies have indicated that there are visibility issues and will be providing additional equipment to both operatives in the town.

Speaking whilst visiting the site himself, Mr Lynch said

'There are clear issues here with signage to warn motorists that the crossings are here. The warning signs are too high up on the posts and they should have working flashing lights on them to get the motorists attention.

Mr Lynch finished

'I would just urge all drivers on the roads to be aware, particularly at school times, that there may be children on the road and a crossing taking place. The reality is that this could have been a child that was hit, so I would just ask everyone to have a bit more patience and consideration near schools. Myself and my Sinn Féin party colleagues will continue to monitor this situation and push for further measures to be considered here so that our children are safe going and coming from school.'