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Cllr Feely calls for caution around Tully Road pot hole

Published: 25 August, 2015

Sinn Féin Cllr Anthony Feely is calling for caution as numerous of cars have been damaged by a pot hole on the Tully Road, Garrison.

The Erne West Cllr says,

"I have been approached by four constituents who have broken rims, burst tyres and been left stranded due to this pot hole. It is on a rural road, on a corner and it is really not the best or safest place, to be left in this situation.

"I reported this to Transport NI two months ago, when I first noticed it, however it has since deteriorated greatly and there has still been no action from them.

"I have had to take actions into my own hands and draw attention to the pothole by placing cones around it. Although local people are now used to it, strangers on the road are not and run the risk of damaging their vehicles.

Cllr Feely continues,

"I am aware Transport NI are under strict budgetary constraints and may not see this pothole as urgent, however those who have already damaged their cars as a result of this are taking action through the vehicle damage compensation claim route.

"Therefore it is in their best interests to fix the pot hole before they are forced to pay out for yet another damaged vehicle. If anyone else experiences difficulty with this pothole, please get in contact with me.

"This is a real hazard, particularly coming into the darker evenings and I will continue to lobby Transport NI until it is repaired." ENDS