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Asda to hold 'Meet the Buyer' Event for local food producers

Published: 13 July, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has welcomed confirmation from Asda that they are to hold a 'Meet the Buyer' event at their Enniskillen store on 7th August and is encouraging local food producers to get involved.

Speaking from Enniskillen, Mr Flanagan said,

"I am delighted that Asda have taken up my proposal to hold a 'Meet the Buyer' event in Enniskillen to allow local producers to showcase their produce to Asda's team of buyers.

"I have been working closely with them in recent weeks to put this initiative together and I must commend the team at Asda for their willingness to engage in such a positive manner. They genuinely want to stock more locally produced foods.

"This will be a great opportunity for some of our best local producers to get through the door of supplying directly to one of our biggest retail outlets.

"The good thing about supplying into Asda for local suppliers is that they can opt for only one or two stores and then if it is working for them, they can increase their presence in a manageable way as there is no requirement to supply across the whole company, which would be a major barrier for many of our smaller producers at this stage.

"We have some excellent producers locally, but it is often very difficult for them to get their goods in front of customers. This initiative will allow them to get over that barrier. This makes sense for producers, but also for Asda who can sell more local products, which are often very appealing to local customers, who know that products made locally have a much greater economic and social return and that the quality and standard is often much higher than imported goods.

"This event is open to food companies of all sizes and offers companies with an innovative product range the chance to explore trading options with Asda.

"At this stage, I have made contact with local producers to notify them and will be working with them over the coming weeks, but if any organisation is interested in attending this event, I would encourage them to make contact with me or to pre-register by contacting christopher.mitchell@asda.co.uk by 5pm on Tuesday 28 July." ENDS