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Local Recycling Centers are not closing

Published: 29 June, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor John Feely has moved to allay fears in the Belleek and Garrison areas that the Recycling Centers in both towns are closing.

Speaking about the rumors the Erne North Councillor said,

"A number of people have contacted me over the past couple of weeks expressing their concern and disappointment that the Centers are closing.

"At first I just informed people no such thing was happening but the rumors have really taken legs and so I felt the need to publicly speak on the matter.

"The recycling facilities are not closing. No such discussion has taken place, no such proposal has been made and no such decision has been made.

"As one person said to me recently, "apart from the bins and the skips, what else do my rates pay for down here?" Although I do not fully agree with the statement, it does feel like that sometimes.

"With Belleek, Garrison and the surrounding areas being so far away from other recycling centers there is no realistic way that this vital service should come under threat.

"Local people can rest assured that if a discussion like this ever does arise within the Council, their views and concerns will be heard loud and clear." ENDS