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Sinn Féin standing up for Rural Schools

Published: 27 March, 2015

Michelle Gildernew MP and Bronwyn McGahan MLA have welcomed the news that works are planned to provide a double mobile for Roan Saint Patrick's PS, Eglish.

Michelle Gildernew MP said,

"I have played a proactive and positive role in supporting development plans from an early stage. I understand and fully support the idea of local children wishing to attend their local school."

"After strong representations from my MLA colleague Bronwyn McGahan and I, we have been informed by DE that works are planned to provide a double mobile, one for teaching provision and one for SEN provision. We welcome this news and hope that it helps alleviates difficulties Roan Saint Patrick's have been facing. As local MP, I will continue to support the school, their staff, the pupils and their parents."

Bronwyn McGahan MLA said,

"Due to strong Sinn Féin representation on this issue, we were able to secure the double mobile for Roan Saint Patrick's PS. Education is vital in the development of our children and our society. The facilities that our schools are provided with should support this development.

"We will continue to raise this issue with Minister O'Dowd to ensure our schools are rightly equipped to ensure our children are reaching their full potential."