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"PSNI needs to fully commit to tackling rural crime" - McGahan

Published: 20 March, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Bronwyn McGahan has expressed her disappointment that after two years of a dedicated farm crime branch having been set up that no one has been arrested in the South Tyrone area over increasing levels of crime against farmers.

Ms. McGahan said,

"In a freedom of information request to the PSNI it has been revealed that 40 cattle and 24 pieces of major farming equipment including heavy tractors have been stolen in Fermanagh South Tyrone area in a three month period.

"I am deeply disappointed that despite a dedicated unit within the PSNI that no one has been arrested about these crimes and that farms are still being targeted by these criminal gangs.

"We need to see a bigger commitment from the PSNI that they are taking this type of crime seriously.

"The PSNI farming unit consist of only four people of which three are administers and if we are serious about tackling crime against the farming community then more resources need to be given to this unit.

"It is therefore important we address this issue immediately. A strategy to combat crimes against the farming community must be included in the policing plan.

"I intend to have the issue raised in both the agriculture and justice committees so that the farming community can go about their business without the fear of being a victim of crime." ENDS/CRÍOCH