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"It is time for all parties to actively support and promote gender equality." - Coyle

Published: 10 March, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Debbie Coyle has said the role of women in politics must be promoted by everyone in public life.

Subsequent to International Women's Day, there was a debate in the Assembly on a 'Women in Politics' report yesterday.

Commenting on the report, the Enniskillen Town Councillor said,

"This is a very important report, which Sinn Féin requested from the Assembly Executive Review Committee.

"I welcome its recommendations and call on all parties in councils and the Assembly to adopt and implement them. It would be a tragedy if this report is allowed to gather dust.

"In particular I welcome its recommendation that women in positions of leadership and political power should be supported and that there should be zero tolerance of those who seek to undermine them.

Cllr Coyle continues,

"Sinn Féin is fully committed to gender equality and the promotion of women in politics. However, all parties, including our own, can learn lessons from this report in the further promotion of women.

"Political parties need to be made aware of the necessity of promoting women. Having a gender-balanced legislature enables the elected body to be more fully representative of the views of the society it serves.

"At the current rate of change it would take 250 years to bring about 50/50 representation. So now is the time to act and for all parties to actively support and promote gender equality." ENDS