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Flanagan disappointed at minister's approach to zero hour contracts

Published: 4 March, 2015

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan has said the approach outlined by the Employment & Learning Minister Stephen Farry in dealing with zero hour contracts is inadequate.

Speaking after raising the issue with the Minister during question time, Mr Flanagan said:

"I am deeply disappointed at the approach taken by Stephen Farry in dealing with this issue. Rather than advancing the rights of workers, the Minister's approach will merely allow employers to continue exploiting workers.

"The Minister has acknowledged the negative impact of zero hour contracts for workers, yet his proposals to address this are totally inadequate.

"Sinn Féin's position on zero hour contracts is that they should be banned.

"The Minister seems to justify his refusal to ban them by stating that employers will find a new way of circumventing the regulations. This is not a good enough from a minister charged with protecting the rights of workers.

"We will continue to campaign for workers' rights and will amend the forthcoming Employment Law Bill if such matters are not addressed in the minister's bill." CRÍOCH/ENDS