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The needs of those who are living in unfit housing need to be addressed - Lynch

Published: 27 February, 2015

Sinn Fein MLA Sean Lynch has spoken of his concerns around unfit housing in the rural Fermanagh area. Mr Lynch was speaking after her raised the matter with the Minister for Social Development, Mervyn Storey in the Assembly. The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MLA said: "We have a situation with the condition of homes in the North, particularly Housing Executive homes, that is beginning to cause grave concern. A number of my constituents have approached me recently around the issue and some the conditions they were living in were appalling, for this day and age. I therefore raised the question with the Minister. "I am aware that Savills has been appointed by the Housing Executive to do a stock condition survey, which will indicate the state of what will be needed and the amount of money that will be needed to address the problem. The Minister assured me that the rural community will not be left out of that analysis and will not be left out of addressing the need. Mr Lynch continued, "The Minister also explained that the Housing Executive carries out extensive work with rural communities, and that they have a handle on how it has a responsibility, not only in its role as a landlord but in a number of other areas, which have become known as its regional functions. "Whether it is in rural communities or in an urban situation, the needs of those who are living in unfit housing need to be addressed in a way that enhances their lives and the life of the properties. When we have good-quality and affordable housing in the North, we will have given to our community something of immense value and profit." ENDS