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Feely call for awareness around deer on our roads

Published: 24 January, 2015

Sinn Fein's Erne North Councillor, John Feely, calls on the public to be aware of the increasing numbers of deer on our roads and that if they are aware of roads that have deer on them regularly to notify the police or himself so he can pass on the information to Roads Service and the Police.

Clly Feely said,

"Recently a number of people have contacted me about the numbers of deer on the roads in Fermanagh and the dangers they pose to road users whilst crossing the road.

"I've been in contact with Roads Service on this issue and they have informed me that before they put up any warning signs they will contact the police to see if the police have had any reports of deer on a particular road, reports of near misses between vehicles and deer or collisions between vehicles and deer.

"I would advise anyone who regularly sees deer on a particular piece of road or more importantly has had a near miss involving a deer to report these to the police.This may make it easier to lobby for warning signs in the future and make our roads a little safer.

"As anyone who has had to drive in recent weeks or months knows how hazardous the roads can be, any safety measure, could make all the difference. Especially for those who don't know the roads well. Warning signs for bad corners, bumpy roads, deer warnings etc could be potential life savers." ENDS