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"Now is the time to sort out flooding hot-spots" - Feely

Published: 4 January, 2015

Sinn Fein Councillor John Feely has called on the Road Service to put a plan of action in place to prevent the flooding that was witnessed in Fermanagh before Christmas.

The Erne North Cllr stated

"I appreciate all the hard work that the workers in Road Service did leading up to Christmas in extremely bad conditions. As all road users know, because of all the heavy rain that fell, some of the floods around Fermanagh left the roads extremely dangerous.

"I have called on Roads Service to put a plan of work together to ensure that any work that needs to be done to these flood hot-spots is carried out as soon as possible.

"They are well aware of all the locations around the county that have a high risk of flooding and that pose a risk to road users. Now is the time to sort out these problems.

"I remember just a couple of years ago when there was major flooding occurring in Enniskillen, the speed at which the problems were fixed. I think that the rural road users should expect the same quick response.

"If anything, it should be a more urgent matter as the likelihood of serious risk is greater on country roads compared to the problems in Enniskillen because you can be travelling at greater speeds on open roads and come on the floods quicker."ENDS