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Feely welcomes Garrison street lighting repairs

Published: 5 January, 2015

Sinn Féin Councillor Anthony Feely has welcomed the repairing of a stretch of street lights in Garrison, which were out of order for over two weeks.

The Erne West Councillor explains,

"Numerous constituents contacted me regarding the street lights not working on the Belleek side of Garrison. I contacted the roads service about this and they sent out several individuals to repair it, including the Head of Street Lighting. However, it concluded that there was a fault with the cable and the electrician in charge of this was off for Christmas.

"Over 20 lights being out for over 2 weeks is hazardous, particularly around Christmas when it is dark early, road conditions are dangerous and volumes of traffic increases. Additionally, the stretch of road that was left in the dark was quite residential and included the area outside St.Martins' Primary School and the car park of St.Mary's Queen of Peace Chapel; therefore there was a danger of injuries being sustained.

Cllr Feely continues,

"Thankfully, no fatalities occurred and I would like to commend the roads service on their work. Although the lack of street lighting was an inconvenience, they tried their best under the difficult circumstances and budgetary restraints incurred on them. I recieved notification today (Monday 5th Jan) that the lights will be repaired by this evening.

"Sinn Féin will continue to lobby the DRD Minister Danny Kennedy to back down on his decision to not fix individual street lights, as they are a necessary aid to all road users and residents. As a rural county, the state of our roads is vital and issues such as potholes and broken street lighting is an ongoing issue right across the county."