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"Don't make a violent night, a silent night" - Coyle

Published: 19 December, 2014

Cllr Coyle made her comments as Fermanagh PCSP link with the Crimestoppers Campaign 'Behind Closed Doors ' over the Christmas period.

The Enniskillen Town Councillor explains,

"During the Christmas period, it's a sad fact that domestic violence tends to rise due to increased financial pressures, increased alcohol and drug consumption, increased family pressures and conflict and increased contact with the abuser who may be at home more for the holiday season.

"The Fermanagh PCSP's domestic violence awareness campaign will take place across Fermanagh during December 2014 and into the New Year. It coincides with a Crimestoppers campaign called 'Behind Closed Doors' initiative, which encourages people to give information anonymously about suspected domestic violence perpetrators.

"People need to realise no level of domestic violence is acceptable. We must lift the stigma associated with it if it is to be tackled properly and introduce measure that allows victims or friends of victims to come forward and report incidents in a dignified way. It is my hope that the PCSP campaign will encourage this.

"It is frightening, but true that one in four women and one in six men will experience domestic abuse. Therefore, I would appeal to anyone in Fermanagh, or indeed any area, suffering from the effects of domestic violence to seek help and not to suffer alone as there is help out there." ENDS