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"Camerons' anti-immigration stance will financially cripple migrants" - Gildernew

Published: 18 December, 2014

Michelle Gildernew MP has expressed her growing concern for migrant people in the North of Ireland, as a consequence of David Cameron's anti-immigration stance.

In recent months, David Cameron has urged other EU leaders to support his proposals for far-reaching curbs on welfare benefits for migrants.

Speaking of her concern, Ms. Gildernew says

"There is no doubt that immigration and asylum policy needs a massive overhaul, to reflect a genuine commitment to equality and human rights.

"However David Cameron's anti-immigration stance is in no way positive, compassionate, or anti-racist. It also does not conform to human rights obligations and will cause a rise in homelessness and maybe even unnecessary deaths.

"Cameron has said he will move to stop immigrants from the European Union from claiming welfare assistance, including social housing and child benefits, in their first four years in Britain. He aims to remove migrants from the UK and the North after six months if they have not found work and he is stopping EU jobseekers claiming Universal Credit.

The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP explains,

"Over the past couple of months I have been dealing with constituents who have resided, worked and contributed to the economy of the North for a number of years. However, with the current economy and Cameron's stance, they have been left financially crippled. They are out of work but they are unable to claim Job Seekers allowance. They are unable to pay their rent but they are not allowed access to social housing. Yet figures show that immigrants pay considerably more in taxes than they receive in benefits.

"Not all immigrants will be affected by Camerons' position on immigration, but it is certain that they will know somebody who is, and that number is worrying me. David Cameron and the Conservatives must reconsider this stance and in its place introduce positive immigration reforms and protect their human rights under EU law." ENDS