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"We want to increase tourism, but our roads aren't up to scratch." - Greene

Published: 10 December, 2014

Sinn Fein Cllr. Sheamus Greene has called on Transport NI and the Department of Regional Development to take immediate action concerning the appalling state of the C426 road from Brookeborough to Lisnaskea.

Cllr Greene explains,

"In March of this year it was announced that the Department of Regional Development were to spend £2.26 million on carrying out structural maintenance on roads in Fermanagh. This was over due and widely welcomed.

"As far as I can see, NI Water did spend a significant amount of time and money repairing drainage on the C426 road from Brookeborough to Lisnaskea and whilst that is to be commended, the 'fix up' job after is just horrendous. The road surface has been repaired bit by bit, in patches, therefore making it hazardously uneven.

The Erne East Cllr continues,

"I understand there are cuts and budget restraints but if DRD had to have resurfaced the road all at once, as opposed to just doing it in piece by piece, they would have saved themselves money in the long run.

"We talk about how we want to increase tourism but the C426 is a complete danger to locals and those who know the road, never mind tourists and those unfamiliar with it. I travel this road myself and I have had numerous complaints about it, from local people, who are just frustrated at this stage.

"This is a busy, major road yet the state it is in is treacherous. DRD need to deal with this in an urgent and efficient manner, particularly before the icy conditions set in, so as to prevent any costly vehicle damage and avoid any serious accidents or injuries from occurring. ENDS