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Coyle encourages diversity

Published: 23 November, 2014

Sinn Féin Cllr Debbie Coyle is encouraging community groups and organizations to host 'Meet Your Neighbour' events following the success of a similar event in Cathedral Hall, Enniskillen on Thursday night last.

Cllr Coyle says,

"Tonight's event was very enjoyable, looking at other traditions from around the world and meeting some of those people who are now settled in Enniskillen. As well as sharing some delicious food, they shared some of their experiences of what it is like to come to Fermanagh to live.

"Like myself, they have had some very happy times, met wonderful people and in general feel accepted into the community. Unfortunately however a number of the experiences described were those of racism.

"As Diversity Champion for Fermanagh District Council I find this concerning. As so many of our young people leave these shores to live abroad, they become foreigners in the country they go to and I would like to think that they would be treated as equals and with respect.

The Enniskillen Councillor continues,

"We too must reach out, through our community groups, through events such as the one held tonight. I highly commend the event organizers Embrace NI and the funders, Irish Churches Peace Project for a truly innovative and much needed event. Similar events could - and should - be held by any organisation or group.

Therefore I am encouraging people and communities to reach out, embrace diversity and respect each other. There is no place for any form of racism, discrimination or inequality in our society. Hold your own 'Meet Your Neighbour' event and let's ensure that all people who live in Fermanagh are treated as equals and with respect." ENDS